As one of the leading marinas along the coast of the Red Sea, the Ayla Marina is set to include up to 300 berths, boat storage facilities, as well as offer a wide range of maintenance and support services.

The Marina is only a short walk away from the Yacht Club and the Marina Village, which boast a wide range of casual and fine dining options.

The first phase of the marina will include 186 operational berths, fitting vessels up to 40m long with a draft up to 4m.

Future expansion plans include berths fitting boats over 40m long.

The storage of boats will be permitted at the Dry Stack, which has a capacity of 118 boats and can fit boats up to 11m long.

The Marina will also offer state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to international standards, including a fueling dock, golf cart transport, boat master training, underwater cleaning and inspection, internal and external boat cleaning, as well as sewage and oil pump out stations.

Local weather conditions will be updated on a regular basis.

Rules and Regulations

In addition to following the same rules and regulations of other marinas in Aqaba, boats entering and exiting the Ayla’s Marina must respect.

In coordination with Ayla’s Marina and Navy Tower – located at the Lagoon’s entrance – boats must follow a specific trajectory for a short distance.

The leasing of berths – including those surrounding the Island Apartments – will take place under a separate agreement between the residents and the marina management.

Several Peninsula Villas have their own berths, which can accommodate boats of different sizes. Boat owners will be given the choice of available berths, with the selection made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Owners of Island Apartments get priority for the berths that surround their residences.