The developer

Ayla Oasis Development company – gulf of Aqaba

the developer – Ayla aqaba

Ayla Oasis Development Company (Ayla) created the blueprint for the development of Ayla, an ambitious waterfront development in Aqaba that resides on 17 kilometers of new waterfront and covers space 4,300,000m² of picture-perfect landscapes.

The development is expected to play a key role in enabling the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) to achieve its vision of transforming the seaport into a world-class business hub and travel destination.

The community will include stunning man-made lagoons, contemporary residential and commercial developments, retail stores aimed at promoting locally made products, 5-star and boutique hotels, a world-class marina, as well as Jordan’s first 18-hole signature golf course, designed by Greg Norman.

To sustain the project’s success, Ayla has launched a series of balanced and sustainable initiatives in Aqaba that focus on talent development, job creation, and social inclusion.

The initiatives include bringing hospitality training and qualification programs to schools across the city.

With construction in the works, Ayla is fully committed to creating extraordinary experiences for its residents and guests, bringing Aqaba to the forefront of the region’s tourism industry.

About Aqaba

Aqaba has 27 kilometers of shoreline and is the only sea front of Jordan that is declared as a special economic zone
The city is flourishing and is becoming a major tourism destination for Jordanians coming for vacation.

Studies have shown that the number of visitors to Aqaba are increasing tremendously every year.

Aqaba is considered the best stop amongst the other major destinations in Jordan since it’s located at the Red Sea and is the ideal base for exploring and combining the highlights of classical Jordan, and a great starting or finishing point for excursions and getaways to sunny beaches and desert safaris.

Benefiting from its location and status as Jordan’s special economic zone, Aqaba’s economy is based on the tourism and port industry sectors. The economic growth in Aqaba is higher than the average economic growth in the country.

Because Aqaba is strategically located in the Gulf of Aqaba and at a crossroads of the wider region boasting a competitive investment ambiance, it offers a first-rate logistical hub and global investment opportunities in a world-class business environment ranging from professional services to multi-modal logistics.



The Aqaba Special Economic Zone is a major duty-free economic development node for tourism, recreational services, professional services, multi-modal transportation, and value-added industries in the Middle East. Aqaba offers global business opportunities in a competitive location with a high-quality lifestyle.

The Government of Jordan has embarked on an aggressive strategy to position Jordan within the global economy.

A key initiative within this strategy is the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) as a liberalized, Low-tax, duty-free, and multi-sector development area.

A simplified business environment has been designed with streamlined administrative systems to attract investment and maximize private sector participation in all aspects of the Zone operations and development.

The historic city of Aqaba – Jordan’s sole seaport – is located on the Red Sea. The ASEZ covers approximately 375km² and includes the land borders of Saudi Arabia and Israel, extending to the territorial waters of Egypt. The ASEZ, which incorporates the City of Aqaba with a population over 190,000 people, has all the physical and social infrastructure and utilities required to serve a flourishing city.