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There’s enough natural beauty, enthralling ruins, and exciting experiences in Jordan to provide enough fodder for several fulfilling trips.

But if time is of the essence and you’re hoping to hit the most memorable highlights of the country, you must do Jordan’s Golden Triangle. This three-pronged approach will allow you to take in the charming coastal city of Aqaba, the awesome Lost City of Petra, and the unforgettable landscapes of the Wadi Rum desert. Just plan your stay at luxury destination Ayla to add the finishing touch to your trip. 

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Make five-star Ayla your base for a luxurious and comfortable stay. With amenities including 800,000 square metres of eco-friendly golfing green and a tranquil, lagoon-side beach club, Ayla delivers a solid gold stay to match your Golden Triangle venture.

1. Visit beautiful Aqaba

Start your Jordanian journey in Aqaba, a coastal city where industry, city living and culture collide. When staying at Ayla, Aqaba is a fantastic destination in its own right. Shop the colourful and community-led project Souk by the Sea to stock up on souvenirs from over local artisans and taste your way through the delicious vendors and restaurants at the markets. There is a reason that this bustling port is Jordan’s top holiday city.

2. Explore the Lost City of Petra

One of the New 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient archaeological ruins of Petra will make you feel like you have stepped onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie. Incredible rock tombs and temples have been carved into windswept red-rock cliffs, while deep canyons and towering rock formations have earned Petra the moniker ‘the Rose City’.

Visitors enter the site via the 1.2km Siq, a canyon where rock carvings and small shrines stand sentinel, providing an intriguing welcome. Bring plenty of water to hike the site by day or visit in the cool of the night when flickering candlelight adds a mystical glow to the rocks, and traditional music and folklore creates a thoroughly enchanting ambience.

3. Discover Wadi Rum desert

The echoing stretches of the Wadi Rum desert will probably rate as one of the best experiences of your life. Whether you traverse the magnificent sands by camel like the Bedouins, or explore on a bouncing Jeep, you can’t fail to be moved by this endless lunar landscape.

At sunset, you can book a hot air balloon ride, or spend the evening learning about the Bedouin culture by experiencing a delicious zarb barbecue under the stars.

4. Stand up paddleboarding

SUPping – aka Stand Up Paddleboarding is heaps of fun and is safe enough for the whole family. The only thing you need to master is balance – and that will come very easily. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it a relaxing and gentle workout and a wonderful way to soak up the scenery.

5. Scuba diving

One of the unique selling points of our reef dive is that far fewer people come here than to some of the more popular Middle Eastern dive spots. This exclusivity means that the reefs have remained in near-perfect condition, with a kaleidoscope of colours and a wonder of underwater flora and fauna. Whether you’re keen to do a PADI course or are already qualified for an exciting night dive, there’s plenty that will float your boat.


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