Eat, Shop, Drink & Enjoy

At the heart of Ayla lies the Marina Village. Designed to serve as the creative, trendsetting hub of Ayla’s community, the Marina Village offers a range of dining, shopping, recreational and leisure experiences.

Marina & Yachts

A top-end, internationally-certified marina, where yachting lovers enjoy to meet. Whether you’re berthed for a weekend or have decided to stay for a while, the yachting services teams are available 24/7. Exclusive benefits are available for annual members.

Marina Cafes & Bites

Because tastes vary, and we all like a bit of variety, the restaurants, bars and cafés at Ayla offer an incredible range of options. Whether you feel like dancing the night away, or looking for a burger, or a meal that you can only experience in Jordan, your senses will be stimulated & inspired.

Marina Bars & Bites

After a hard day’s work at the beach , yachting or on the golf course, there’s nothing better than cycling over to the Marina Village to end your day with a mocktail, cocktail or a nibble. Watch a game, socialize or unwind at any one of our Marina Bars.


Be it high-end brands or something fun and quirky, the Marina Village shopping experience provides everything from cultural to modern day shops.

Beauty & Additional Services

Marina Village also provides you with a range of convenient to pampering services. At Ayla you can be sure your stay is not just stress-free & relaxing, but also meets your style and essential needs.