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5 Awesome Adventure Activities in Jordan

With a diverse range of activities designed to suit all manner of tastes, Jordan won’t fail to get your pulse racing.

Water activities at ayla oasis

If your dream destination offers adventurous thrills, complemented by a backdrop of sweeping desert landscapes and sparkling sea views, Jordan could be your perfect match. Base yourself in the lively coastal town of Aqaba to enjoy a moderate climate that makes good times in the Great Outdoors possible at virtually any time of year. From the shifting sands of Wadi Rum to the pristine reefs of the Red Sea, the easily accessible yet largely unexplored natural environments of Jordan will feed your adventure wanderlust with ease. Here are 5 awesome adventure activities in Jordan to try on for size…

  1. Canyoning in Wadi Mujib

A glittering knife, slicing through towering sandstone cliffs, the Wadi Mujib river has carved out an immense gorge over the years, ideal for adrenaline-fuelled fun. Work up a sweat as you hike the hot trail to the canyon before changing into a wetsuit to enter the fast-flowing waters. Abseil through waterfalls, jump into pools, slip along natural water slides or navigate the rapids on your journey – with plenty of guided tours to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

  1. Diving in the Red Sea

Beautiful Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the depths of the Red Sea. Just a short distance from magnificent clear waters and world-class reefs, you can expect to feast your eyes on plenty of marine life and even an eerie shipwreck or two. Look out for stingrays, clownfish, pufferfish, and more, amongst the kaleidoscopic colours of the coral. Whether you’re an advanced diver or just a beginner, the Red Sea is an aquatic adventure you won’t soon forget.

  1. Camel trekking to a Bedouin camp

Follow the traditions of the Bedouin people and explore the Wadi Rum desert on the back of a camel. Sway your way through the sands upon your trusty steed until sunset, soaking up the honey-hued dunes as you immerse yourself in the old way of life. Combine your safari with a couple of nights in a candle-lit yurt for the full Bedouin experience, and relax into a simpler life in the middle of nowhere, beneath the endless starry skies.

  1. Wakeboarding at B12 Beach Club

Complete with its very own turquoise lagoons, luxury and boutique hotels, and white-sand beach club to while away the days, high-class design resort Ayla makes an excellent base for your trip. As well as boasting a premium location within a stone’s throw of the best adventure activities in Jordan, Ayla’s B12 Beach Club can satisfy adventurous souls with its very own cable wake park. Experience a new level of water sports thrills at Ayla as you hit the lagoon on your wakeboard and push your performance to the limit.

  1. Quad biking in Wadi Rum

Those with a need for speed will find their personal heaven on a quad bike in the desert stretches of Wadi Rum. Speed through the ever-shifting sands as you weave through the trackless desert, and cruise the fascinating rock formations with the warm winds in your hair. Just make sure to pack plenty of water as you tackle this exciting and otherworldly terrain.

With a diverse range of activities designed to suit all manner of tastes, the Middle East can’t fail to get your pulse pumping. Leave the quiet life at the door and embrace a Jordan adventure.

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