Press Release | 12-10-2021

Ayla Celebrates the Winners of the Prizes for the Fourth Season of “Takreem” Initiative

Ayla Celebrates the Winners

Ayla Oasis Development Company and its partners in the “Takreem-Ayla” initiative have announced the winners of the prizes for the fourth season


Ayla Oasis Development Company and its partners in the “Takreem-Ayla” initiative have announced, today, the winners of the prizes for the fourth season of the initiative in a ceremony held under the patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Aqaba Authority, Eng. Nayef Al-Bakhit. The ceremony was in the presence of the CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, Eng. Sahel Doudin, members of the educational family, and a gathering of specialists in the fields of higher education, leadership, social and voluntary work, and civil society institutions.

The initiative prizes were distributed on 5 levels, including school students, university students, university professors, teachers, and free and open registration.

The initiative prizes were won by:

1- Scientific Innovation and Entrepreneurship axis (Technology) – the winner is the “Nataj” initiative and the participants are Isra Zaitoun and Aisha Hawarneh.

2- Scientific Innovation and Entrepreneurship axis (Technology) – The winner is the “Darsi bayna yadai/ My Lesson is in My Hand” initiative and the participant is Shadia Rasheed.

3- Media axis (photojournalistic press report on social issues) – the winner is the initiative of “ Al moraheqoon wa al technologia selah tho hadain/ The Teens and Technology is a Double-Edged Sword” and the  Participants are Sawsan Manasra, Sarah Al-Ahyat, Yara Al-Awdat, and Tasnim Al-Khodeirat.

4- Media axis (a field of journalistic investigation that deals with a societal issue) – the winner is the “Mishwar tahadi/ A Journey of Challenge” Initiative by Moussa Dardsawy and Suhad Hassouna

5- Media axis (a field of an informative, illustrated film that addresses a societal issue) – the winner is “Khabaya Al Arsheef/ Archives Secrets” Initiative by Salma Al-Sha’er

The CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, Eng. Sahel Doudin, said: “The initiative, in its fourth season, is launched with the aim of expanding its scope to include both registrations for universities and free registration. This is an affirmation of leadership, creativity, and a continuation of the success of its seasons.”

Eng. Doudin emphasizes Ayla’s commitment to continue supporting creativity and entrepreneurship in the local community. He said: “Takreem initiative is a footprint by which we push the creatives forward within many programs in the social responsibility strategy. We shed light on distinguished schools, university students, teachers, educational and community leaders, and university professors from bright minds. We motivate them to create a better future for our Jordan by providing pioneering achievements and ideas to serve and market all vital sectors, and to establish a bank of initiatives, participation, and interactive activities to become applicable in a wide space of creativity.”

In turn, the Director of Education in Aqaba Governorate, Dr. Raba’a Al-Eidi, values Ayla’s support and sponsorship of the Takreem initiative. She stresses the importance of celebrating students’ creativity, as Ayla’s efforts contribute to enhancing the positive and competitive spirit among students. Thus, it provides the basis for success and motivated them for further achievement.

The coordinator of the initiative, Ms. Sakhaa Al-Shamayleh, confirms that the goal of the fourth season (for the year 2021) of the “Takreem- Ayla initiative” is to support creativity and innovation among all segments of society. She believes in the importance of positive change and development through the axes of private initiative. In addition to that,   the role of different age groups of students and youth is to be activated.  New ideas on modern issues that contribute to the development of society and achieving sustainability by offering creative solutions within the axes of the 2021 season are to be adopted.

The initiative for the year 2021 includes three axes: scientific innovation and leadership through participation in one area of ​​the initiative’s axis and in the fields of technology, environment, and media through participation in one area of ​​the initiative’s axis, which includes: a photographic report on an educational issue, an educational video that addresses or sheds light on a societal issue, and a journalistic investigation Addresses or highlights a societal issue or innovation and entrepreneurship.

As for the third axis, tourism and maritime transport through participation in one area of ​​the initiative’s axis and in the fields of Supportive applications for the tourism sector, photography, painting, or sculpture in tourism marketing.

The fourth season of the Takreem initiative was launched according to an electronic application mechanism, in compliance with government decisions, in light of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

 “Takreem” is one of the initiatives of Ayla Oasis Development Company. Under it, it highlights the creativity of students in public and private schools and universities, as well as pioneering the activities of teachers and the local community. It motivates the promising and educationally distinguished to create projects that serve the educational work as well as to artistic and cultural activities. It also highlights the efforts of those in charge of them and encouraging them to continue.

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