Press Release | 23-12-2018

Ayla Delivers Golf Residences Ahead Of Schedule

Celebrating development milestones and overcoming challenges.

Ayla oasis pools

Over the past few years, Ayla has managed to become one of the most prolific mixed-use development projects in an industry facing mounting challenges.

The project, which is set to reshape the real-estate and tourism landscapes of Aqaba, has celebrated numerous milestones that clearly reflect the solid vision behind its master plan, the most recent of which was the completion of the project’s first phase.

“The completion of the first phase of the Ayla project marks a major leap forward for the real-estate development sector in the kingdom and the city of Aqaba as a whole,” explains Ayla’s managing director, Sahl Dudin. “This signals the completion of the first phase of the Ayla project, which included the launch of the Hyatt Regency Ayla Hotel, the transfer of ownership of the Golf Residences, in addition to other components that were completed previously, such as the B-12 Beach Club, the wakeboarding park, the Ayla Golf Course, Silica Restaurant, state of the art Marina and the newly introduced Marina Travel Lift and the project’s main entrance, to name a few.

This phase also included several unparalleled achievements, such as the completion of the project’s infrastructure development, our eco-friendly manmade lagoons, and our state-of-the-art solar power plants, desalination control and monitoring systems.” Dudin noted that the delivery and transfer of ownership of Golf Apartments to their owners ahead of schedule is a remarkable achievement, as ayla has sold more than 50 percent of these unique residences, which include 179 units distributed across 11 buildings nestled on the aptly-named Golf Hills.

Offering one, two and three-bedroom apartments that feature spectacular views of ayla’s world-class golf course and manmade lagoons, the residences essentially serve as an oasis to discerning individuals and families seeking to experience the full potential of Aqaba. What has helped propel the development at ayla is the project’s innovative market driven marketing and pricing strategy, which has made these new experiences more accessible to a wider range of consumer segments.

“The completion of the first phase of the Ayla project marks a major leap forward for the real-estate development sector in the kingdom and the city of Aqaba as a whole”

Sahl Dudin, Ayla’s Managing director

With prices starting at JOD 75,000 per apartment, the cost of entry is competitively reasonable, especially considering the unparalleled leisure and business facilities offered at the project, including accessibility to B12 Beach Club, ayla’s breathtaking Marina, a bustling commercial center, and 24-hour security. The apartments also offer a slew of family-centric benefits, including 11 meters of clearance between buildings and expansive courtyards and greenery that were designed with children in mind.

 Ayla also partnered with a number of local banks to provide flexible financing facilities to buyers, further simplifying the process of owning a residence at one of the most unique communities in Aqaba. “Moving forward, our priority is to maintain this growth streak and to continually reach new development milestones that reflects on ayla’s vision,” added Dudin. “We will also continue to host a variety of events and programs at ayla with the objective of further positioning Aqaba as a premier lifestyle, business and tourism destination in the region.”

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