Press Release | 13-12-2021

“Ayla” Partners Up with “Injaz” to Develop Entrepreneurship Among Aqaba School Students


مرسي ايلة


Ayla Oasis Development Company signed a partnership agreement with Injaz to sponsor both the “Business Startup” and “Business Challenge” programs. The agreement aims at developing and encouraging entrepreneurship among the Jordanian Youth in Aqaba and reflecting both institutions’ strategies in supporting the youth sectors, education, and promoting initiative and entrepreneurship in a way that serves the national economy.

This agreement falls under the commitment of Ayla’s Strategy for Social Responsibility in supporting programs directed at youth sectors, enhancing their skills, providing training and qualifications to enter into commercial projects and initiatives while enhancing their growth opportunities.

Ayla’s Managing Director, Eng. Sahl Dudin, said, “At Ayla, we are delighted with the cooperation with Injaz. Ayla has always supported and empowered the Jordanian youth, especially members of the local community in Aqaba, and supported the national initiatives concerned with youth and entrepreneurship and refine their skills in the spirit of the times and provide them with future skills, especially with regard to institutional culture, market values, and the requirements of the current and future business generations”.

Dudin added, “We share many values with Injaz, and we stand with them with all our support for the benefit of our youth, Jordanian business sectors, and for the benefit of the Jordanian economy and the development of society. Youth programs have always been on our agenda, and we will continue to support them at various levels.”

Injaz’s Executive Director, Muhannad Al-Jarrah, stressed the importance of the collaboration that brings together the Ayla Oasis Development Company and Injaz to serve students in Aqaba. This will have a direct reflection on the students through the implementation of programs that meet the needs of each phase and aims to build and develop their leadership and business skills. By contributing to finding solutions for community issues, they strengthen their abilities and improve their chances to participate in events and activities included in the programs that will be implemented in Aqaba schools through a group of volunteers and experienced entrepreneurs. Al-Jarrah stressed that this collaboration aims to promote social responsibility and emphasizes the vital role of the private sector in this field.

“The Business Startup” and “Business Challenge” programs aim to provide school students with hands-on training in understanding, establishing, and organizing business projects, and growth opportunities to start their own businesses.

This course will include several topics, most notably; building entrepreneurial capabilities to develop and enhance the skills of the Jordanian youth, encouraging the spirit of self-employment and creating job opportunities, raising awareness of their abilities, and motivating and inspiring young people to develop their personal and professional potential.

In partnership with Injaz, Ayla will work to establish the concept of engaging the private sector and benefiting from its experiences, knowledge, and skills to better prepare and build the capabilities of the Jordanian graduate to become a leader, while instilling and developing students’ ideas and aspirations and linking them to the labor market and investment opportunities.

Through both programs, Ayla and Injaz will work on empowering ninth and tenth-grade students in Aqaba schools by providing them with a practical experience to enter the business world through which they will learn about the most important business terms, concepts, and ethics of a business culture.

These programs include a virtual stimulation of the reality of business designed to be interactive using a computer to handle the daily life and business process through looking at the results of market research on some products and choosing one of them and then identifying appropriate sales strategies and plans, and preparing to start trading, creating a sales and marketing budget and also determining the quality of the product. Then making a business plan for a period of three years.

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