COVID-19 Update

Dear Ayla residents, guests, friends and followers:

We hope that you and your families and loved ones are safe and well during these unprecedented times.

Our thoughts go out to all the people who have been directly affected by the virus. We are eternally grateful for the selfless actions of the people on the front lines, the doctors, hospital workers, the first responders, and the armed forces and security agencies. And we are extremely proud to see how swiftly, gracefully, and efficiently the Jordanian Government responded to contain Covid-19, and to see the mobilization of various institutions and individuals to volunteer help in any way they can.

From the start, our priority was to ensure that our residents, guests, and team members in Ayla are safe and well attended to, all while taking all the necessary precautions and implementing increased health and safety measures across the project and its various components. We were happy that some of our residents chose to stay at Ayla during lockdown and we are proud of our teams who looked after them as they did for our live systems and assets and we hope that their experiences were positive and memorable considering the country wide lockdown.

As challenging as the situation may be, it allows us all to reflect inwards on a personal level, a company level, and as a nation, on what matters the most and on what needs to be done going forward. One prominent realization is that our collective efforts are needed to lessen the impact on people and on the economy, and to help heal and rebuild for the future.

After such a crisis of historic proportions, there are always shifts and changes that happen in the behavior of people, in the various regulations, and in the economic landscape as a whole. We are currently making assessments on various levels in order to prioritize and make the necessary adjustments in order to be able to continue delivering memorable and enriching experiences in a healthy and safe destination.

We have always drawn our strength and inspiration from you, our community, our guests, and the leadership of our country. “Those who weather the storm come out stronger”.

We look forward to seeing you all at Ayla.