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Aqaba is the ideal destination for tourists and nature lovers due to its excellent location between the desert mountains and the Aqaba Gulf, which branches from the Red Sea, along with the splendor and clarity of its waters. In this…

Aqaba is the ideal destination for tourists and nature lovers due to its excellent location between the desert mountains and the Aqaba Gulf, which branches from the Red Sea, along with the splendor and clarity of its waters. In this article, we will rediscover the endless treasures of the Red Sea through Aqaba Marina Village.

The Splendor and Beauty of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most vibrant aquatic regions, teeming with fish and colorful coral reefs along its coast. It also contains a variety of rare fish species. This ecological diversity, calm air currents, and moderate temperatures make it a tourist attraction for visitors from everywhere. Here are some of the features and recreational activities you can engage in:

Clear Transparent Waters

Red Sea water is among the purest in the world, characterized by its transparent blue color. Its beaches consist of soft white sand, making just sitting on the beach a pleasure in itself.


One of the most enjoyable activities to try in the Aqaba Gulf and the Red Sea as a whole is diving. Observing marine life up close, swimming amidst schools of fish, and seeing the vibrant coral reefs and the small fish within them is undoubtedly a unique and worthwhile experience.

Warm Sunrays

Aqaba City has a moderate climate throughout the year, making it a place where tourism and activities continue even after the summer months, thanks to its sunny and warm weather.

Enchanting Nature

Aqaba is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery on all sides. In addition to the shimmering sea, towering mountains, vast deserts, and valleys like Wadi Rum. It’s a region in the heart of nature loved by every adventurer wanting to rediscover the area.

Exciting Marine Activities

The perfect place to spend enjoyable time engaging in water activities such as:

  • Swimming and diving
  • Riding glass boats
  • Fishing trips
  • Surfing

Aqaba Marina Village

A jewel of the Ayla Oasis and one of its largest projects, the village offers a range of luxurious services suitable for our distinguished clients. It has many unique places that combine relaxation and luxury. Here’s a list of the best places in the village:

Beach Club

Your gateway to enjoying the sea, relaxing on the soft sands under the warm sun. You can also swim in the club’s pool and try various restaurants offering delicious and diverse meals.

Yacht Club

For adventure enthusiasts and sea explorers, besides the club’s pool and restaurants, you can rent a boat or yacht and explore the Aqaba Gulf on your own.

Aqaba Marine Park

Want to meet turtles and dolphins? Now’s your chance at the Aqaba Marine Park in Aqaba Marina Village. Its rich marine life makes it an ideal destination for tourists and locals alike. Dive to explore the various marine creatures living underwater.

Golf Club and Academy

The village’s golf course, spanning 800,000 square meters, offers a unique golf experience overlooking the Red Sea. The course is open to visitors and club members to enjoy the game.

Village Restaurants and Cafes

The village offers a variety of luxurious and diverse restaurants and cafes to cater to different tastes. Those looking to try different dishes and flavors from international cuisines will undoubtedly have a great time during their stay.

Ayla Marina in Aqaba

In addition to the many services and facilities Aqaba Marina Village provides to its clients, there’s Ayla Marina, located next to the resort for yacht owners. The marina offers sailing enthusiasts the luxury of freely navigating from the marina directly to the Red Sea waters. It also has 231 berths for boats up to 40 meters long. Some of the marina’s services include:

  • Mooring, storage, or management services.
  • Daily boat maintenance.
  • Boat cleaning and engine desalination.
  • 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • Fuel supply station.
  • Boat transport from the marina to parking lots and vice versa using the marina’s vehicles.
  • Entry or exit permit request service.
  • Water and electricity facilities.

And many more services. Ayla Marina has also received the Blue Flag award for its top-notch facilities and services.

Hotels of Aqaba Marina Village

Since the village is located in the heart of Ayla Oasis, it certainly has one of the most luxurious hotels, the Cloud 7 Residence. It offers all its guests an exceptional stay experience, consisting of 75 distinctive apartments with stunning views and all facilities and services. The apartments range from one-bedroom units to duplex apartments with four bedrooms.

In conclusion, Aqaba Marina Village in Ayla Oasis is your ideal destination to enjoy the transparent blue waters, the stunning coral reefs, and exciting marine activities. Additionally, you can explore the rich culture and history of Aqaba. In every corner, you’ll find a unique experience that allows you to escape from the pressures of daily life, rejuvenate, and have fun. Whether you’re looking for marine adventures or a quiet break on the golden beaches, we offer the perfect place for you.

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