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7 Reasons Why Ayla Oasis Is One of the Best Recreational Places in Aqaba

At Ayla Oasis, our unwavering mission is to create a blissful and joy-filled retreat for all our visitors. We are driven by a passion for providing every possible means, facility, and service that ensures an enchanting escape. Beyond the ordinary…

At Ayla Oasis, our unwavering mission is to create a blissful and joy-filled retreat for all our visitors. We are driven by a passion for providing every possible means, facility, and service that ensures an enchanting escape. Beyond the ordinary realm of entertainment, our name shines brightly in Ayla Oasis, distinguished in multiple aspects, including exhilarating recreational activities and daily services tailored for your utmost delight. Prepare to be enthralled as we unveil seven reasons why Ayla Oasis stands as one of Aqaba’s most remarkable havens of joy.

1. Multiple Stay-In Options

We strive to create a haven of blissful retreat for every traveler. Our commitment to ensuring your comfort during your vacation has led us to offer enchanting accommodation options. Here are some of them:

● Beach Apartments

These apartments are truly a haven for sea lovers! We crafted them for those who dream of residing by the beach, waking up to the picturesque view of boats lining the shore each morning.

Immerse yourself in a tranquil lifestyle within a fully furnished apartment adorned with exceptional furniture that harmonizes perfectly with the enchanting sea vistas in both design and color palette.

● Golf Residences

Crafted with the utmost care for golf lovers; we tailored these apartments to satisfy your love for the fairways. Assume watching the awe-inspiring views of the Ayla Golf Club and Course right from your window, immersing yourself in the seamless blend of relaxation and thrill. Fulfill your aspirations as you revel in your beloved sport amidst the magnificent panorama of the golfing world.

● Island Apartments

Unveil the true essence of luxury living in our fancy island apartments. Experience the art of relaxation as you soak in mesmerizing views of the azure sea. In Ayla Oasis, every day feels like a vacation. Immerse yourself in lavish comforts and create memories that will forever ignite your spirit with joy.

● Hotels

No other temporary lodging can rival the unparalleled comfort we offer at Ayla! Our two top-notch hotels in Aqaba provide expansive rooms and suites, impeccable cleanliness, and impeccable hotel services, ensuring that you experience the vacation you truly deserve!

2. Diverse Recreational Facilities

Ayla Oasis provides many facilities that cater to your desired experience during your upcoming vacation. Among our exceptional amenities are the following:

● Stunning Beaches

Undoubtedly, the primary destination for your visit to Aqaba is the enchanting seashore. That’s why we have meticulously equipped our beaches with all the necessary provisions to ensure you and your family have a splendid time. From comfortable seating areas to vibrant volleyball and water ball zones, along with pristine swimming spots and groundbreaking children’s entertainment facilities, our beaches offer an unrivaled experience in Aqaba.

● Golf Club Excellence

Stretching across an impressive 800,000 square meters, Ayla’s exclusive Golf Club boasts a world-class course. With a comprehensive program of events and training sessions tailored to golf enthusiasts, the club organizes numerous tournaments throughout the year, creating an atmosphere of adventure and entertainment for its esteemed members.

● Captivating Marina Village

Situated along the picturesque coastline of Aqaba, Marina Village is an integral part of the Ayla Oasis Resort. It is a thriving community that enchants visitors with its vibrant markets, charming cafes, and even healthcare centers. This complete and immersive experience further enhances the allure of Ayla Oasis.

● Culinary Delights and Cafes

Within the sanctuary of Ayla Oasis, a delightful array of dining options awaits, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Indulge in a culinary journey featuring traditional and international flavors, allowing you to relish delicious dishes that tantalize your palate. Nourish your body with exquisite meals, energize yourself, and prepare for various exciting recreational activities.

3. Daily Services for Your Utmost Comfort

In Ayla, we prioritize cleanliness to a significant extent! All our facilities, hotels, and lakes undergo daily cleaning and essential sanitization to ensure a perpetually pristine environment. We want you to savor the awe-inspiring views that calm your senses.

Hence, we offer services like tree trimming, garden maintenance, and plant pest control for our beach apartments and beyond. Our services guarantee that all our facilities remain impeccably organized, creating a serene and cozy atmosphere.

In addition to that, we offer internet services, markets in Marina Village, cafes and restaurants, and a wide range of medical and healthcare services, among many other amenities.

4. Endless Recreational Activities

The array of recreational activities at Ayla Oasis knows no boundaries. We aim to provide each member of your family with an incredibly delightful entertainment experience and an abundance of memories that will ignite a bright smile whenever recalled. Here’s a glimpse of some of the recreational activities we offer at Ayla Oasis:

– Water Activities:

  • Boat and yacht tours
  • Glass-bottom boat rides
  • Swimming
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Water flying
  • Water skiing
  • Water jump castle

– Land Activities:

  • Golfing
  • Bicycle riding
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Rope climbing
  • Trampoline jumping

5. Inspirational Community Events and Activities

At Ayla Oasis, we are firm believers in the power of community and the joy it brings. We strive to cultivate a vibrant community spirit by hosting and participating in an array of uplifting events and activities that will ignite your passion and fill your heart with pure delight. Allow us to unveil the extraordinary experiences that await you at Ayla Oasis:

● Aqaba Forum for Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornamentation

Aqaba Forum Calligraphy and islamic ornamentation was organized on May 24th of this year (2023) and was sponsored by the Minister of Culture. The Governor of Aqaba also attended the event, which was held as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

This conference is an annual gathering that involves the participation of 14 Arab and Islamic countries. This year, it included the “Ayla Oasis,” hosting 60 panels created by skilled calligraphers. Additionally, Arabic calligraphy workshops were conducted, targeting local community members.

● Signing an MOU to Protect Marine Life

At Ayla, we are fully aware of our crucial responsibility to preserve the marine environment, which plays a pivotal role in the natural splendor we endeavor to showcase through our project.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our visitors can also revel in its magnificence. With this in mind, we have recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, focusing on strengthening collaboration with the Jordanian Society for the Preservation of Marine and Terrestrial Turtles. The primary objective of this partnership is to safeguard a diverse range of endangered turtle species.

● Organizing the First Ayla Marina Boat Show

In Ayla, we took the initiative to host a groundbreaking exhibition focused on organizing the first Ayla Marina Boat show in May of the previous year (2023). We conducted this exceptional event with the esteemed Royal Marine Company at Ayla Marina.

The exhibition served as a platform for enthusiasts and stakeholders to present and acquire a wide array of marine boats and yachts. We aspire for this exhibition to evolve into a thriving marketplace within the marine boat trade industry in the upcoming years.

6. Distinctive Services

At Ayla, we place great importance on your unique moments, which has motivated us to offer exceptional services for special occasions such as weddings and social events.

Our dedicated services go beyond the ordinary, as we strive to create an unforgettable experience tailored specifically to your special day. We meticulously arrange beautifully adorned tables with flowers, curate a menu of delightful dishes and delectable desserts, and provide a range of other services that complete the overall picture.

7. Permanent and Seasonal Offers

Our range of programs caters to the various needs of different tourists. Whether you’re on a family vacation or a wellness retreat to rejuvenate and enjoy the pristine air, you can choose from a selection of programs that best suit your preferences and make the most of your time while staying within your budget.

Do you have a specific idea of the activities you’d like to experience during your upcoming vacation? Explore our list of ongoing and seasonal offers and select your desired entertainment program now, preparing for an unforgettable getaway at Ayla Oasis!

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