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Why luxury resort Ayla is the green traveller’s choice

Waterfront haven in exotic Jordan is pulling out all the sustainability stops and luxury resort Ayla is the green traveller’s choice.

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Green tourism and sustainability have been buzzwords in the travel industry for years, but with recent concerns about climate change hitting the headlines, the eco-friendly trend is quite rightly gathering momentum.

Here’s how a waterfront haven in exotic Jordan is pulling out all the sustainability stops and why luxury resort Ayla is the green traveller’s choice.

Going green at Ayla

Featuring a pristine beach club, up-market hotels, and five-star recreational facilities including Jordan’s first 18-hole signature golf course, one-of-a-kind resort Ayla is a slice of heaven on earth. However, the factor that makes Ayla truly angelic is the determination of the team to ensure sustainability remains at the core of the resort’s values, beliefs, and development. From renewable energy methods to investing in the local community, you can relax in the lap of luxury with your responsible travel sensibilities intact when you book a stay at Ayla.

Renewable energy for the win

One of the key components that keeps life on the green side at Ayla, is the landmark renewable energy project that keeps the resort running. Using clean solar energy to cover all the pumping station needs, electrical loads feed Ayla’s seawater replenishment system, district cooling, and golfing green in what is considered by many to be one of the biggest renewable energy projects in the region. Book your stay at this premium resort and see for yourself what kind of experience a pioneer in the sustainable use of solar energy can create. 

An eco-friendly golf course

Designed by one of the finest green golf course designers in the industry, Ayla’s professional-grade golfing green has been classed among the top three eco-friendly courses in the world. Legendary gofer turned designer Greg Norman made it his mission to preserve and enhance the natural landscape, ensuring water conservancy remained a focal point and indigenous flora was carefully selected to ensure irrigation requirements remained low. The project also offered a chance to create havens for local fauna with man-made lagoons enticing seahorses and spotted eagle rays to Ayla’s waters while migratory birds find refuge in the lush, luxurious landscape.

Corporate social responsibility is a priority
Ayla's best chefs

In this day and age, the best way to cement your position as a responsible travel business is to have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. That’s why Ayla has woven CSR into its elaborate business strategy, developing community-centred initiatives like the Makarem Academy where local workers were trained in different areas of hospitality and could access courses for workplace skills like the English language to prepare them for upcoming job opportunities. Further projects to help give back to the community include working to repair and maintain the houses of underprivileged people in Aqaba and empowering local women with vocational, marketing, and business training.

With sustainability playing a central role part in Ayla’s grand plans, there’s no better way to travel ethically in Jordan while enjoying a luxurious stay.

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