Press Release | 24-06-2019

Aqaba continues to garner new investments

Another major partnership signed between Ayla and Eat Restaurant Group

المستثمرين في مجموعة ايلا | Ayla group

As the real estate landscape in Aqaba evolves through a multitude of far-reaching projects, the city continues to garner a wealth of investment opportunities that will not only enrich the offerings available to residents and visitors but will also create a wide array of livelihood opportunities to its growing labour force.

Recently, one of the city’s fastest growing projects — Ayla — announced new and substantial partnerships with one of the region’s leading restaurant holding groups – Eat Restaurant Group. This big scale partnership with the well know Jordanian born conglomerate aims to diversify the food and beverage outlets available at the project’s highly popular Marina Village. The partnership will see the group launching several venues that include the international urban hotspot – Mingle, a branch of its Italian restaurant – Casereccio, and a branch of the group’s flagship healthy eatery, Pepper & Pine.  

Ayla’s Managing Director, Sahl Dudin, underscored the importance of continually expanding the array of leisure and service outlets available in Aqaba, which he noted is a core focus of Ayla’s strategy and part of the vision the project has for the future of the city.

Dudin also noted that a key priority for Ayla is quality control, particularly as Aqaba comes an international hub for tourism, business and leisure, and noted that Ayla is regularly working toward securing additional partnerships that not only increase the volume of choices available to residents and visitors of Aqaba but also guaranteeing harmonious operation that directs these partnerships toward supporting the future trajectory of the city. He noted that variety is key with regards to investments, as this will guarantee the continuous availability of employment opportunities for Jordanians of various educational and professional backgrounds, thus contributing to sustainable development in the city on a much larger scale.  

Omar Tabbaa, Chairman of Eat Group expressed his optimism towards the partnership that adds Aqaba to the group’s current portfolio of 43 outlets in 12 cities and contributes to positioning Jordan as key player in the hospitality industry both regionally and globally. Tabbaa also stressed the importance of such investments to the future of Aqaba and its workforce, particularly given national efforts to promote the city as a vital regional hub and an attractive destination for global investment.

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