Press Release | 01-11-2019

Ayla attract specialised and diverse companies

Ayla attracts specialised and diverse Jordanian companies, providing them with the platform to expand their businesses

Ayla souq

Ayla Oasis Development Company renewed its commitment to supporting the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship within the business sector, by providing spaces within its retail services area at the Marina Village, offering them supportive services and helping them expand the scope of their operations.

Renting services at the Marina Village will soon become available to a group of businesses that include restaurants from Akkawi Group, Eight Group, Heros and Melange Coffee House, as well as a number of other pioneering Jordanian brands. This move comes as part of Ayla’s ongoing efforts to provide integrated support services to a diverse range of businesses.

The presence of these businesses at the Marina Village highlights the integral role that Ayla plays in supporting Jordanian businesses, including startups and entrepreneurs. The strength of their names, as well as their proven track record and strategy for growth, ensures ongoing support from their customers

Ayla also provides youth-led companies and entrepreneurs with a vital platform to expand their businesses and develop their activities, with support services, outstanding infrastructure and access to its established urban multi-use project developed creatively with an open-minded work team.

Ayla shares an institutional culture based on a solid commitment to quality standards, development, and the provision of the best products and services with its tenants in the Marina Village.

Ayla Oasis Development Company Managing Director Engineer Sahl Dudin said, “As part of our commitment to our master plan, we have expanded our support services to meet the needs of Ayla’s residents and visitors. We recently welcomed to the Marina Village a diverse group of Jordanian businesses, who will join an already impressive roster of establishments. We believe in the strength of local brands, and we support their expansion in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, allowing us to continue contributing to an ongoing culture of entrepreneurship.”

Dudin went on to add, “Ayla continues to support youth, startups and entrepreneurship, all of which are integral parts of our corporate social responsibility strategy. We partner with those who share our core values, helping them reinforce their capacities and expand their businesses.”

Dudin noted that the selection of the businesses took into account the development’s commitment to providing modern and diverse options for both its residents and visitors, offering unique experiences at the highest levels of satisfaction.

He also highlighted the pivotal role played by Ayla in supporting Jordanian companies, which stems from its belief in the importance of promoting local investments and helping them expand, reinforcing comprehensive development and create employment opportunities. The Marina Village attracts a highly-skilled Jordanian workforce, with employment opportunities for tens of youth in a wide range of businesses. Ayla provides an integrated array of supportive services including the fields of hospitality and pharmaceuticals at the Village.

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