Press Release | 01-12-2021

Ayla Carries Out Firefight and Evacuation Drill


Ayla Oasis Development Company, in cooperation with the Aqaba Health Directorate, has organized a package of health and sports activities to celebrate the “Eighth Change Day.”


Under the annual cooperation program between Ayla Oasis Development Company and the Aqaba Civil Defense Department, a fire and safety drill was conducted as part of its training plans to enhance the protection of the public safety systems within Ayla.

Within the programs of the Departments of Security and Safety and the Ayla Marina, and in coordination with the Aqaba Civil Defense Department, training programs in the field of security and public safety for the year 2021 were conducted. A scenario that simulates the occurrence of a fake fire accident was prepared, where the precautionary plans and procedures were reviewed under the supervision of the Aqaba Civil Defense Department ensuring the implementation of the drill exercise in accordance with the safety of the participants and the surrounding areas of the exercise site.

The exercise simulated a fire that broke out on one of the boats at the maintenance building resulting in injuries and fuel leakage. This year’s exercise included firefighting, rescuing, ambulance, and evacuation procedures.

Over the course of two weeks, Civil Defense and Ayla staff carried out several joint exercises before carrying out the final exercise.

The results of the exercise showed the high efficiency of the Civil Defense staff and their ability to face emergencies. The cooperation and coordination among participants especially the public safety teams and Ayla staff, and their ability to deal with various emergency situations during these exercises showed their high logistical capabilities and professionalism.

Ayla’s Managing Director, Eng. Sahl Dudin stressed the importance of constructive cooperation between private and public institutions, to hold such exercises and implement emergency plans in economic establishments that have an active role in achieving comprehensive civil defense with the help of citizens.

Dudin said, “We are proud of the Civil Defense Department efforts in preserving lives and properties and today we achieve our partnership vision aimed at achieving the public benefit and preserving national gains, we will continue to enhance public safety team abilities and its integrated system at Ayla while providing the best supplies and capabilities.”

The Head of Aqaba’s Civil Defense, Hmoud Rawajfeh, stressed the importance of the exercise, which is considered a part of Ayla’s belief in the importance of the continuous cooperation with the Civil Defense Department and in the implementation of its institutional vision, and stated that this exercise sheds light on the importance of security measures, public safety, health, and environment and provides all the necessary requirements, equipment, and professional staff to face any security and safety measures of people and properties.

The exercise tested the efficiency of the measures taken by Ayla staff to fight fires, ways of dealing with them, and cooperating with the Civil Defense while creating harmony among participants and avoiding losses.

The implementation of this exercise comes within Ayla’s policy to provide the highest levels of protection within its facilities, and to develop capabilities in the areas of public safety.

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