Press Release | 01-09-2016

Ayla Delivers ‘Island Apartments’ To New Owners

Contemporary buildings with specialised services for residents and panoramic views of the Marina

يخوت قرية مارينا | Marina village yachts

Ayla Oasis Development Company (Ayla), one of the largest tourism and real estate development companies in Jordan and master developer of the Ayla project in Aqaba, announced today the hand-over of the first phase of the Island Apartments, located within the Marina district, to their owners. The apartments are situated at the heart of the Ayla project that includes residential apartments, commercial units and luxury hotels.

The announcement follows the completion of the first phase of the Island Apartments that comprise 150 units in fifteen buildings spread across two islands overlooking the Marina. The design of the Island Apartments reflects contemporary architectural style with panoramic views of the vast stretches of water surrounding the Marina and its neighbouring islands.

The Island Apartments features a host of specialised services and amenities such as swimming pools, children playgrounds, shaded parking slots, pontoons and berths, private beaches, Triple Play Services (Telephone – Internet – TV) and Smart Access Control.

“We are delighted with this significant achievement and the transition to the operational phase of the Ayla Project. Offering trendy and unparalleled urban living, the Island Apartments give residents the unique advantage of locating themselves within the Marina area – an integrated space that enables convenient access to all means of comfort.”

Eng Sahl Dudin, Managing Director of Ayla

Eng Dudin also pointed out that the delivery of the Island Apartments reflects Ayla’s commitment to handing over all projects on schedule for the benefit of its end users and customers in keeping with best-in-class, agreed-upon procedures. He noted that there is still an opportunity for investors and serious buyers to own a stake in this important project that has achieved premium status due to its prime location and waterfront views.

Eng Sahl Dudin added: “We are extremely pleased to welcome the new owners of the housing units to the Island Apartments and are confident we will surpass their expectations in providing them with a comfortable and distinctive urban living experience.”

The Island Apartments are some of the premium residential offering within the Ayla project due to their proximity to exclusive, high-end retail offerings. The luxury apartments are located on an archipelago of four islands that are connected to one another from the mainland through the south side of the lake marina bridge – enabling residents to enjoy a maximum amount of privacy.

The buildings comprise two-story apartments split across three levels with a duplex on the ground floor. The first floor provides facilities for mooring boats, while the apartments on the upper floors will each boast a small external balcony and garden.

The meticulously designed condominiums offer an eclectic and sophisticated appeal featuring flat ceilings and contemporary Arabesque architecture – from the plastered walls and stone bases to intricate wooden detailing.

Ayla Oasis Development Company is a private shareholding company registered in Aqaba, Jordan and is committed to quality and innovation. Acting as a master developer, Ayla’s objective is to create a premier waterfront destination that features world-class residential and tourism components.

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