Press Release | 13-12-2021

Ayla Donates Medical Equipment to Aqaba Health Center



Ayla Oasis Development Company recently announced its donation of modern medical equipment to the Aqaba Health Center, as a continuation of its support of the public health sector and its cooperation with medical care institutions in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

Ayla’s support of the health sector in Aqaba comes as an implementation of its social responsibility strategy that puts the health sector at the top of its priorities and provides adequate support to facilitate the tasks of staff working in the sector. It also provides the best medical and treatment services for patients and customers from the local community and Aqaba visitors.

The equipment provided by Ayla included a Vital sign monitor, which measures blood pressure and pulse rates, as well oxygen blood levels and temperature. The second device is an oxygen concentrator, which works to provide patients with oxygen.

Managing Director of Ayla, Eng. Sahl Dudin said, “We continue our commitment to support the national health sector, given the vital roles it plays, which increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The white army of doctors, nurses, and paramedics provided great efforts in protecting citizens and giving them the necessary care.

Eng. Dudin confirmed Ayla’s commitment to continue providing the necessary support to the health sector to be able to continue building and achieving while providing the best services to the local community and the guests of Aqaba.

For his part, the Director of the Health Aqaba Directorate, Dr. Adnan Abbas thanked the Ayla Oasis Development Company and its team for the continuous support of the health sector, which extends from providing the necessary logistical and technical capabilities to its permanent participation in medical events, awareness programs and activities to promote healthy practices.

Dr. Adnan pointed out that the cooperation between Ayla and health institutions in Aqaba is a perfect example of the partnership between public and private sectors, which contributes to enhancing the quality of medical services provided in health care institutions within the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

This donation came based on research on the priority needs of the Aqaba Health Center, and the necessity to provide it with the necessary requirements to provide its noble services to patients and visitors.

This support culminates Ayla’s support programs for social responsibility directed at the health sector during 2021, where the corporate vision of the Ayla Oasis Development Company pays great attention to public health aspects. Ayla cooperates with national institutions operating in the sector to provide the best services and spread health culture and practices.

Ayla continues its efforts to enhance the health services provided to its employees, as 100% of its employees have been fully vaccinated with at least two doses against COVID-19, which represents Ayla as a safe destination for tourism, residential and recreational activities.

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