Press Release | 16-12-2020

Ayla hosts a Number of Environmental Activities on the First Week of Clean up the World 2020 campaign

Ayla is a Key Partner of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan in Clean up the World 2020 campaign

سلاحف البحر الاحمر | Red sea turtles

Ayla Oasis Development Company announced today a key and organizational partnership with the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan aiming at launching a series of aimful events and activities within “Clean up the World 2020 campaign” and in celebration of the World Tourism Day. Through this partnership, the Company expresses its strategy of social responsibility, environment protection and cooperation with national institutions in the environmental area.

Both Ayla and the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan are joined by Marine Science Station, Civil Defense Directorate, Hyatt Regency Ayla Aqaba and a number of boat owners and diving centers in a set of activities that represent the accomplishments targeted by Clean up the World 2020 campaign and the fulfilment of the Blue Flag Program requirements.

As a key partner and organizer of the Clean up the World 2020 campaign events, Ayla hosts all week 1 events of the campaign. This high-level environmental and tourist event shows the extent to which Ayla is committed to the marine environment and natural diversity protection and the spread of its strict environmental experience and rules at the broadest level, as well as the continuity of the environmental awareness and education at a community level.

Those events are launched under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bin Ali, the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, and in participation with His Excellency Eng. Nayef Bakhit, the Head of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority; Eng. Sahel Dodin, the Executive Manager of Ayla Oasis Development Company; and a number of commissions and centers specialized in the environmental affair through an awareness raising session held over Zoom Application. The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan focused on the international Blue Flag Program standards in four topics; environmental education and information, environmental management, water quality and public safety and service requirements.

At the beginning of the session, Ms. Dyala Al Alami, the Executive Manager of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, welcomed the attendees and talked about the Society’s road to success including the annual Clean Up the World campaign and the sustainable development goals it achieved in the marine life protection and maintenance. The participants in this interactive and open session discussed the ways that guarantee the maintenance of the Jordanian achievements in meeting the international Blue Flag Program standards.

On this Monday 28th of September, at Ayla’s Al Marsa Village, marine site cleaning activities will be launched and performed by experienced divers. There will be 55 divers divided into four main groups to clean four distant and selected sites in front of the yacht dock of Ayla.

The events go on through a performance of a specialized environmental survey on the beach goers in order to measure the extent of their interaction with the environmental rules, international Blue Flag Program requirements and interest in participation in the environmental campaigns and activities.

Ayla keeps making every effort to provide a distinctive tourist product that meets its visitors and residents’ expectations thought the best compliance with the environmental standards and the provision of the highest quality of services, which put it among the top tourism destinations of the Region.

Ayla is said to be raising the Blue Flag at several beaches due to its compliance with dozens of standards and requirements. Thus, Ayla is one of the first regional projects of the multi-purpose walled tourist community categories that raise the Blue Flag at a number of their facilities.

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