Press Release | 12-10-2021

Ayla Organizes a Series of Training Activities to Spread Golf Sport among Young, Adults, and Children with Down Syndrome

Spreading Golf Sport among Young, Adults, and Children with Down Syndrome

Kids in Petra Playing Golf


Ayla Golf Club has recently organized a package of training activities for adult golf players and age groups of young and amateurs under the title “Bring Your Friend to Golf Day”, by experimenting with practicing the sport with a number of their friends. It aims to introduce the rules and nature of golf competitions under the supervision of Ayla’s professional coaches.

Ayla is also specialized for children with Down syndrome with an extensive golf training activity. It conducted basic exercises to test their abilities and skills in golf. In addition, it offered an entertainment program at the RISE ADVENTURE PARK.  They spent a day of fun and activity in the hospitality of Ayla.

The training activities, the first of their kind, are organized by Ayla and targeting new categories of children and youth. It comes within the integrated Ayla program aimed at promoting and developing the golf sport, spreading it at the national level to new categories, and transferring it to global professionalism.

The training program for “Bring Your Friend to Golf Day” includes a group lecture that aims to clarify the main and technical rules of golf. It has been supervised by the Ayla Technical Club team.

Ayla Golf Club members and their invited friends have participated in a competitive competition to further understand the rules of the game. The participating guests have expressed their overwhelming happiness with this opportunity that Ayla offered them to enter a world of passion and competition.

During the training activity, the participants have received directions and instructions to raise the level of challenge and the spirit of competition to develop their skills and performance in the future.

Ayla continues its efforts to develop the sport of golf at the national level. It cooperates with relevant institutions to spread this sport among a generation of talented Jordanian youth. It offers support in participation in international, regional, and local pioneering activities. Moreover, it provides training and qualification opportunities by utilizing a high-level infrastructure to ensure the organization of major events.

In this context, Ayla has, recently, strengthened its professional and technical training staff at Ayla Golf Academy with the joining of South African coach Jason Vermeulen, who has a professional certificate from the (PGA) Professional Golfers’ Association and has many years of experience in a selection of international courses and academies.

Ayla Oasis Development Company also supported the Jordanian international coach Walid Abu Al-Sameed in his journey to obtain the global professional golf license from the PGA to be the first Jordanian to obtain this prestigious license as a professional golf coach.

Ayla has built a solid ground for golfing in Jordan, after completing an integrated and world-class golf facilities system that includes an 18-hole, 72-hole golf course designed by world-renowned designer Greg Norman.

Ayla is also cooperating with the Jordan Golf Federation in order to spread the game on the widest scale, motivate players and interested people from different segments, and support and encourage women to practice golf in order to achieve international professionalism.

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