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The Most Romantic Experiences in Jordan

A huge range of romantic activities and destinations at your fingertips

​أيلة تزدان بألف علم أردني احتفالا بعيد الاستقلال

Whether your idea of a romantic setting is wide expanses of desert, endless starry skies or impossibly clear waters, a visit to Jordan can’t fail to stir up some passion.

With ancient cities, a fascinating culture, and adventurous activities at your fingertips, romantic Jordan is an ideal honeymoon destination and provides everything you need for a dreamy escape for two. No matter what kind of encounters speak to your soul, you’re bound to fall in love with these romantic experiences in Jordan.

A luxurious stay at Ayla

Why not slip into a life that’s a little more comfortable and base your stay at luxury destination Ayla? There’s no better location to access the treasures of Jordan while enjoying an opulent and enchanting stay. Unwind on the powder-soft sands of the tranquil B12 Beach Club or treat yourself to a couple’s massage in a blissful, aromatic spa. Finally, finish your perfect day with a lavish meal for two – whether you prefer the fine dining life at the international Silica Restaurant or an authentic Bedouin Zab experience, the talented chefs at Ayla can cater to your taste.

Balloon ride over Wadi Rum

Think outside the romantic sunset box and embrace the joys of the morning with a sunrise balloon ride over the incredible Wadi Rum. This ethereal stretch of protected desert is situated near the southern border of Jordan, offering couples the chance to partake in traditional camel rides over the ever-shifting sands or tour the wind-blown rock formations in a Jeep. However, the best way to make the most out of this romantic destination is with an epic night of stargazing from a desert glamping destination, followed by a sky-high hot air balloon excursion as the morning chases the darkness away.

Petra by candlelight 

The rose-tinted ruins of Petra may be intriguing by day, but nothing compares with the atmosphere of the Lost City by night. Step back in time as you walk the length of the deep canyon entrance, your path lined with over 1,000 flickering candles throwing shadows against the red-hued rocks. Once you arrive at the ornately-carved Treasury, you will be regaled with traditional Jordanian music, played by the local Bedouin community, and tales of the history of Petra, told against a backdrop of soft candlelight. Snuggle up with your beloved as you share a warming cup of mint tea, and soak up the ambience of romantic Jordan at its best.

The bustling souks

If you’ve chosen Jordan for a special romantic occasion or honeymoon destination, it’s likely you’ll want a souvenir to keep those beautiful memories alive. Stroll hand-in-hand through the vibrant Souk by the Sea in sunny Aqaba, a community enhancement project held every Friday throughout the year, and fill your boots with quality handicrafts from over 50 local artisans while live music and authentic food gives all of your senses a treat.

Exploring Wadi Mujib

For the couple in search of an adventurous yet romantic destination, Wadi Mujib offers a wet and wild river canyoning experience that will make all your wishes come true. Slip and slide your way along the expansive Mujib River as you trek, abseil, and splash your way through deep gorges and beneath sandstone cliffs. There are several trails to choose from, so whether you want a thrilling challenge that makes sparks fly or a gentle yet exhilarating introduction to the canyoning world, you’re bound to find something to suit. 

Perfect your romantic Jordan itinerary with a stay at five-star Ayla, and enjoy a convenient yet luxurious base for exploring the country’s highlights.

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