Press Release | 01-08-2017

A quantum leap in entertainment tourism and water sports

Ayla Oasis Development Company’s latest project, the Ayla Wake Park, is another giant step forward for the local tourism sector, and is a first in Jordan.

Ayla water activities

Inaugurated on Friday, the Ayla Wake Park is expected to attract both professional wakeboarders as well as amateurs and sports enthusiasts from around the region and the globe.

Ayla Wake Park (AWP) is considered a perfect complement to Ayla’s integrated seaside residential, retail and entertainment development, making it a major attraction for local and foreign tourism. The Ayla community presents a diverse package of entertainment activities both for residents and for visitors to the city of Aqaba and AWP will transform the city into an ideal travel destination, reinforcing its position on the international tourism map.

This new water sport destination represents significant added-value to Aqaba’s tourist offerings, allowing visitors to the seaside town the chance to participate in adrenaline-fueled sports at a world-class facility. 

AWP, Jordan’s 442m cable wake park skiing facility, provides water sports enthusiasts and tourists looking for adventure and entertainment the chance to live out their passions. The state-of-the-art facility was designed for both professionals and amateurs in mind, with a thrilling string of obstacles, ramps and sliders and wide open spaces for acrobatic water tricks, waterskiing and knee boarding, providing all the necessary rental equipment, as well.

With possible speed ranging from 25km to 40km per hour, and cables suspended 10 metres above the water, AWP promises to be the perfect action-packed complement for any visit. With the capacity to cater to up to six skiers simultaneously on the electrically-driven cable, AWP is the perfect activity to add to a visitors “Aqaba to-do list”.

AWP joins the Ayla Golf Club, the first international golf course in Jordan and The Wibit inflatable Water Park making Ayla the ideal sporting destination in the area. The resort offers a wide range of amenities, including an extraordinary lagoon and a number of swimming pools, hotels and residential units, retail facilities, numerous dining options as well as boat docking capabilities, making it a favourite among visitors and providing unforgettable experiences.

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