Press Release | 12-10-2021

Ayla Implements Its Annual “Back to School” Campaign

“Back to School” Campaign

Embodying its strategy of social responsibility for the education and youth sectors, Ayla Oasis Development Company has launched its annual “Back to School” campaign, which aims to contribute to providing a healthy learning environment suitable for students in Aqaba. It has covered the annual registration fees and has provided books for more than 60 students from the local community at the secondary level from various academic disciplines.  It has been cooperated with the Sons of Aqaba Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Orphans to reach the economically disadvantaged groups and meet their educational requirements.  The campaign includes Ayla’s contribution to working to provide a healthy and sustainable environment in a number of schools, in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Aqaba Governorate, through the renewal of water tanks, sanitary installations, and maintenance of air conditioners.

Eng. Sahel Doudin, CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, said: “We share our beloved students in Aqaba and their families their joy in their safe return to schools. We look forward to helping them by providing the appropriate conditions for the learning environment, and by meeting the requirements of the neediest groups to return to education with enthusiasm and optimism. We wish them a safe and successful school year. “. Doudin added: “Today, we renew our moral and ethical commitment to the education sector and to our students in clear plans included in our strategy for social responsibility and in what comes back to the benefit of students and the educational family. We look forward to broad prospects of cooperation with institutions operating in the sector to contribute to the return of students to their schools within a safe environment. We also encourage all economic sectors to invest in the education sector in order to support our students and the educational institution in providing the requirements of the stage.”

The Director of the Directorate of Education, Dr. Raba’a Al-Eidi, also valued Ayla’s efforts and continuous support for schools. She stated: “The “Back to School” campaign that Ayla has been implementing annually demonstrates its efforts to support the educational process, ensures a conducive environment for students, helps them receive the new school year and return to school in-person education in a better way after a period of distance education in response to the repercussions of the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic. The campaign reflects Ayla’s efforts aimed at strengthening cooperation and partnership with the education sector, vocational training, and global education with the aim of achieving sustainable development and providing a distinguished environment in public schools. This initiative emphasizes Ayla’s commitment to the local community and its role in supporting local institutions, especially supporting the education sector, in compliance with its policy and institutional vision.

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