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Making an Investment in Jordan, Aqaba

Located in the South of Jordan, the coastal city of Aqaba is growing each day to serve as one of the most populous tourist destinations in the Middle Eastern country. This waterfront destination has so much to offer locals and…

Investing in jordan

Located in the South of Jordan, the coastal city of Aqaba is growing each day to serve as one of the most populous tourist destinations in the Middle Eastern country. This waterfront destination has so much to offer locals and tourists of different nationalities; golden beaches, crystal clear water, divine scenery, and many water activities. Aqaba will appeal to those looking for tranquility or others looking for adventure.

But the city has more things to offer other than an ideal and relaxing beach vacation; it presents a golden opportunity to people looking for an investment in Jordan.

What makes Aqaba the perfect place to make the best investments in Jordan? Two words, waterfront properties, and tourism, these two will be your way to make a profitable investment.  

Strategic Location and Great Connectivity 

The city is located to the North of the Red Sea and hosts King Hussein International Airport, making it accessible by land, sea, and air.

Tourists visiting Jordan wanting to travel from Amman to Aqaba by air can book tickets with Royal Jordanian Airlines. Jordan Aviation Airlines are also great for those considering a more cost-friendly option. The trip will take 45 minutes only, so Aqaba is a very favorable destination for locals as well.

As for those living outside of Jordan, and are interested in visiting the city, many international airlines connect Aqaba to major cities around the world including Berlin, Geneva, London, Milan, Athens, Cologne, Milan, Rome, Sofia, Belarus and other areas in Europe and Asia.

The city is home to the only port in Jordan. The port of Aqaba serves sea travelers going from Aqaba to the coastal cities of Egypt such as Taba and Sharm El Sheikh and those traveling from the Egyptian side to the Jordanian side.

With such great connectivity, Aqaba always pops into the minds of those looking for the ideal vacation. Such people will certainly be looking for a place to spend their holiday, probably a beachfront apartment where they can enjoy privacy.  

Advanced Infrastructure

The city witnessed significant developments in infrastructure in recent years. Today Aqaba is served by a modern and well-constructed road network, premium internet connection, and many other services.  

This means the city is equipped with good amenities and is ready to welcome tourists and investors with different goals and purposes.

A Tourism Heaven 

Aqaba has all the features of the perfect tourist attraction, in fact, it contributes to the country’s economy in a significant way; due to large tourist numbers visiting the city.

With hot and breezy weather in summer and warm cozy winters, Aqaba is ready to give its best to visitors around different times of the year.

The city fascinates people of different ages and interests. Marine life lovers can see all kinds of creatures from lionfish to whale sharks, adventures can find a variety of activities like scuba diving, and people looking for a peaceful sanctuary can indulge in a calming atmosphere while taking beach walks. Aqaba has something for everyone.

Tourism connects directly to real estate; tourists will need places to stay in Aqaba. These days most people tend to choose private apartments over hotel suites and rooms.

Buying a property in Aqaba will be a great use of the money you’ve put aside. The real estate market will never fail you, especially the market of a city with heavy numbers of tourists where prices are expected to double.

But let’s leave that for the future. You work hard and it’s time to start living the life you desire and invest in yourself and your well-being. You want a luxurious lifestyle, and Ayla is here to deliver.  

Whether you are traveling solo or with family, looking for peace or intriguing activities, we got you. With a variety of activities and vacation homes, Ayla earned the title of the ideal one-stop destination in Jordan.

 Ayla’s Apartments and Residences

A dazzling holiday consists of two ingredients, a lavish stay, and a long list of interesting things to do, and Ayla has plenty of both.

We offer you the opportunity to become the owner of a property in Jordan’s mesmerizing coastal city. Be it one of our island apartments or golf residences, our properties will never fail to impress.

Enjoy a Modern Lifestyle in Our Luscious Golf Estate

Ayla’s golf residences are located close to Ayla’s breathtaking golf course, the golf academy, and clubhouse. To provide a modern lifestyle, the residences are designed in an open plan style and are built in a way that feels as if they are an extension of the luscious green hills.

You can choose from different types of units ranging from 1-3.5-bedroom apartments. In addition to the quick access to sea and green areas, Ayla’s golf residences are equipped with many amenities and services including a community pool, a kids play area, cleaning and maintenance services.

Sea Is Your Backyard

What’s better than waking up to the calming sound of the wind gently moving sea waves, then opening your eyes to the mesmerizing blue water sparkling under the sun while sipping your coffee in a relaxing ambiance?

That’s the kind of experience you will get with Ayla’s island apartments overlooking the Marina Village. Our apartments extend over five blocks connected with bridges and canals.

Offering a contemporary aesthetic combined with an elegant touch of Arabesque and featuring wooden-screen facades, stucco walls, and stone bases, our Island Apartments promise an unparalleled living experience.

What We Have to Offer Other Than Vacation Homes?

Well, technically everything, from exquisite dining experiences to all types of leisure activities. When you are in Ayla you are the only priority, all options revolve around our guests’ different needs. 

We Serve Foodies Well

Our guests don’t have to leave our oasis to get a good bite, we have a range of restaurants and bars to satisfy all their cravings. We offer all kinds of international cuisines combined with live entertainment and breathtaking views through dining venues like RED, La Vista Lounge, Silica, and others. 

The Perfect Family Beach Days

There is no place better than Ayla to fancy the beauty of Aqaba and enjoy the shores of the Red Sea. You can spend a day at La Plage Beach Club or B12 Beach Club and keep your family entertained with all-day dining and many fun things to do. 

Visit the Marina Village

The Marina Village is designed to be a comprehensive destination providing different shopping, dining, and leisure experiences. 

Ayla’s visitors can also indulge in all sorts of activities like golfing, horse riding, climbing, cycling, and many water sports.

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